N. Jones: Contra-Costa County Butternut

What is our associative philosophy? Here is the NorCal Council’s statement of principals. We are developing a platform organically linked to the California conventions 1850-1875.

State Rights: The States existed prior to the U.S. Government. Any power which is NOT enumerated in the US Constitution is reserved and remains with the States. A true federal system of government allows sovereignty within the respective states of the Union. We have seen a constant diminishing of State powers over the last century. Furthermore, states possess the right to interpose federal law when such is deemed unconstitutional. A return to State rights is the best format for ethnic preservation and public liberty for those who value it.

County Activism: We want political power decentralized, leaving the  County and municipality as normal spheres of government. Patriots need to be involved in city politics, schools, and neighborhood associations not only to reclaim their living space but build momentum with local campaigns that counteract political correct agendas. We don’t want people to view themselves as ‘world citizens’, but citizens of their family, town, county, and state–i.e., a politics that is personal and immanent rather than removed, abstract, and spectacular.

Civil Religion: As the CofCC platform says, “the United States of America is a Christian country…and that its government and public leaders at all levels must reflect Christian belief and values” (article 1). Also, “We believe the schools– public, private, and parochial– should teach students to be proud of being Americans and proud of their national and local identities, and that they should instill in them the values of Western, Christian, and American civilization” (article 12).

We uphold the tenets of Christian religion. The Bible is the religion of Protestants. Furthermore, a patriot cannot be effective or sincere without a regular kind of devotional life– keeping Sunday worship as well as other Godly manners. Patriots can’t risk being relativists. We need a consistent and stable worldview to frame, temper, and define general beliefs including those related to race and civil government.

We also believe state governments have a right to promote and protect a free Christianity, even discriminating against non-Christian sects.

Free Soil: Early Californians believed Western territories should be ‘white man’ states. Opposition to slavery was predicated upon keeping the both free and enslaved Negros out of California. What is a nation? In his 2006 book, State of Emergency, after quoting Gen. 10:32 and noting the British origins of America, Patrick Buchanan defines a nation as possessing a distinct racial and ethnic core by which other people assimilate, “Language, faith, culture, and history– and, yes, birth, blood, and soil– produce a people, not ideology” (p. 162).

Social and economic transformations are rapidly globalizing America. White Americans have every right to maintain our majority status and keep our religious faith within the same lands our Fathers settled. The scripture says, “Every man of the children of Israel shall pitch by his own standard, with the ensign of their father’s house: around the Congregation of the Tabernacle they shall pitch” (Num. 2:2). So, the White American has pitched his ensign in the land the Lord has given him, and this ought be kept.

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