How to reclaim the GOP?

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 “From my vantage point, however, it looks like both major political parties are moving to the Left” a well respected conservative columnist of worldwide readership wrote recently about the Republican and Democrat Parties. That remark of amazement reminds me of that fellow in the Campbell Soup TV commercial who suddenly realizes that there is salt in seawater.


Hello? The Democrat Party has been in the hands of the Left since George McGovern’s run for the Presidency in 1972. The Carter and Clinton presidencies wouldn’t have been possible otherwise.


The Democrat Party has long been a member of The Socialist International through an earmark, taxpayer-funded Democrat front, the National Democratic Institute, whose chairwoman is none other than Madeleine Albright. The NDI, furthermore, has in its stewardship many who are la crème de la crème of the Democrat nomeklatura. (Mario Cuomo, Mike Dukakis, Dick Gephardt, Geraldine Ferraro, Andrew Young, Esteban Torres, Stephen Solarz, Chuck Robb, Patricia Derian, Christopher Dodd, Bernard Aronson, Erskine Bowles, etc.) To hide the delictum corpus (substance of the crime), the NDI is inconspicuously listed in the Socialist International membership list “just” as an “associated” organization.


As for the Republican Party, it started taking a noticeable tack to the Left immediately after Reagan left the White House; “A thousand points of light” illuminated the way, some say. Others would argue that the Republican drift to the Left actually started during the Nixon Era.


Regardless of when the Republican Party started drifting to the Left, the fact that not a single heavyweight, across-the-board conservative sought the nomination for 2008 indicated, not only that the Republican Party is increasingly abandoning conservatism, but also that it is moving to the Left faster than what anyone could have thought. That the moderate John McCain has practically won – fair and square, no doubt – the nomination, only confirms it.


Moreover, the McCain phenomenon indicates something worse: American conservatism is dangerously weak…but not in to the throes of death, or flat dead, as the Left and some Chicken Little conservative defeatists proclaim. The situation is critical, though, when the two Democrat candidates – brazenly – announce to the four winds that they want to bring “change” to America…and to the entire world, meaning change to Socialism. They, plain and clear, want to place America and the rest of the world under the yoke of Socialism.


American conservatism is the only ideology and force with the potential capability of stopping the Socialist tsunami with which the Democrats and the rest of the Left threaten America and the world. American conservatism demonstrated its great prowess in a very patent way as one of the most pivotal factors that conduced to the colossal collapse of both the Soviet Empire and Bolshevism. Had it been left to the Democrats and the rest of the Leftists and moderates, the Soviet Union would most likely still be around, threatening us, credibly, with total annihilation and causing mayhem around the world.


The point is this. Even if the Democrats win the White House next November, American conservatism possesses the inherent power of changing the course that the Democrats and the rest of the Left want to push America through.


The question arises then, without regard for who is elected President, what is to be done? What does conservatism have to do to revitalize itself?


Before anything, conservatives must realize that they cannot afford to remain sitting on their hands; starting from now, conservatives must prepare for 2010 and 2012.


The name of the game for American conservatism is systematic conservative activism; intellectually, ideologically and solidly founded, fine-tune organized, goal-oriented, and robustly designed and implemented.


The immediate goal is to reenergize and enlarge quantitatively and qualitatively American conservatism; the ultimate goal being gaining decisive weight in – and if possible, control of – the Republican Party to elect through the nation the majority of government officials, at federal, state, county (parish for Louisiana) and city levels.


That is, conservatism must gain undisputed national dominance with the supreme goal of conserving the America that our Founding Fathers bequeathed us, the America that true Americans love and are ready to fight to the death for.


Conservatives must preserve the America envisioned in the Declaration of Independence; the world’s utmost inextinguishable beacon of freedom, an everlasting fountain of effective democracy, an inexpugnable bastion of individual rights and inexhaustible mother lode of free entrepreneurialism.


To that effect, starting at the county level, conservatives must agglutinate together in 501(c) 3 associations to constitute an organized base of operations in each county of the nation. Those county conservative associations would have as their two main functions to work as (a) conservative-information clearinghouses and (b) conservative-activism hubs.


An existing county conservative association that, more or less, works in that fashion is the Conservative Forum of Silicon Valley, with seat in San Jose, California.


The CFSV is quit alive, tail wagging and all, here, where I live, in the very heart of one of the densest cesspools of sheer leftism and useful-idiotism (i.e., liberalism) in California. If it can be done here, it can be done anywhere else in America. I suppose that, the good conservatives they are, the CFSV would be happy to give advice (and no more, for conservatism preaches and practices self-sufficiency) to those who wisely decide to go on and build a county conservative association in their counties.


County conservative associations would make sure they keep formal and working relations with fraternal conservative-activism organizations and conservative think-tanks. County conservative associations would have to link formally and functionally with other county conservative associations in the state and the nation. They would form state-level committee. State-level committees would then form a national committee.


As a conservative-information clearinghouse, a county conservative association would be a place for conservatives to share, exchange and debate ideas and issues. Lectures, courses, workshops, symposia, seminars, town-hall meetings, and so on would be part of the tools in the information-clearinghouse function. This would represent the intellectual and ideological accretion and solidification facet of the association. This is the facet that (1) will continually and increasingly preach to the choir, so that the choir keeps singing the conservative song, and doing it increasingly better; (2) will arm conservatives with solid elements of judgment and talking-points to go on debating and defeating Democrats and other leftists; and (3) will equip conservatives with the intellectual, ideological and parlance ammunition to go on gaining converts.


As a conservative-activism hub, a county conservative association would conceive, plan, organize and implement conservative programs, projects, drives and rallies in the county. This would embody the hands-on, on-the-field face of the conservative association. The type of activism referred to here is to be of professional characteristics: methodic, goal-oriented, well-designed, disciplined, organized and systematic; no “freelancers” or “loose cannons” would fit here. This is the facet of the county conservative association that will take care of, directly or indirectly, seeking converts and disseminating the core principles of conservatism. The arena for that effort will be school campuses, civic events (particularly naturalization ceremonies), the mass communication media, the Internet, parents associations, fairgrounds, gun shows, trade organizations, political organizations, churches and religious organizations, etc.


In the cold reality of American politics, the Republican Party is the most practical vehicle for conservatives in terms of electoral politics. Therefore, conservatives – in their condition as individuals, that is, outside their 501(c) 3 county conservative associations, lest the association’s tax exemption is rescinded by the government – must vie for achieving effective control of, or at least gaining deciding weight in, the GOP at all levels: national, state and county.


To that effect, conservatives must set aside the independent fetish, be practical, and register Republican and then become county level activists, not as lone wolves, but together, in groups of at least three solid conservatives. Three is the minimum number in group activism, for in the absence of one or even two group members, a third one would always be present. Of course, the more solid-conservatives in groups at county level, the higher the chance of getting a stronger grip on the majority in county GOP central committees.


The mechanism further up is simple, intuitive, and nothing new, for most likely it was invented in the Paleolithic ages; it doesn’t need any rehash, but just in case, it follows next.


A majority of county GOP committees in the hands of conservatives means a majority of conservative delegates to the GOP state conventions, and, consequently, conservative-majority control of the state GOP committee.


Trickling up, a majority of state GOP committees would be in the direction to a National Republican Committee in conservative hands.


But work doesn’t end there. Conservative control of the GOP is not the ultimate objective; the gist here is using the GOP in support of achieving the supreme goal: electing a majority of conservatives to office at the city, county, state and federal levels.


But control of the GOP alone won’t do the trick, it will need mainly the help from the masses of conservatives and converts, from other conservative-activism organizations, from conservative think-tanks and from the conservative media, particularly conservative new media publications, radio-talk and TV shows, bloggers, and on and on. County conservative associations will be highly instrumental in mobilizing all those resources into becoming productive assets.


The hard core Left works 24/365; that’s why the Left is so effective in mobilizing its resources. And that’s why conservatives must get seriously engaged into serious activism, for the Left embodies the worst enemy of America. Conservatism must fight the Left with maximum vigor, including through adequate financing to said grassroots groups. Although civil discourse must prevail, the quondam bucolic days of “our friends across the aisle” are gone; the Left has taken over the Democrat Party. The conservatism-leftism clash is a titanic confrontation for the fate of America…and of the entire world, for, if America falls, so will the world; the word complacency must disappear in conservative parlance.


Intelligently planned and conducted conservative work would not only keep conservatism alive and vibrant, but also put it solidly at the helm of America, with our eyes pointing like a laser-beam to the prize: conserving America the way our Founding Fathers bequeathed her to us.


Conservatives of America: unite, organize, finance and engage in methodic activism nationwide, starting at the county level! All you have to lose is the prospect of having the Democrats and the rest of the Left enslaving America, and the rest of the world, under the unbearable yoke of Socialism.

Rene Guerra is a Silicon Valley software and electronics engineering consultant, who enjoys writing about politics and current events.

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