A real choice for President: Build a New Populist Movement!

Can we build a new populist movement based on New Right principals such as state independence, county-based autonomy, local economics, family values, small property ownership, agrarianism, real money, and ethno-bioregionalism?  Perhaps we envision a past time, and the old dominion has been lost to big industry and bureaucracy?

We don’t think this politik is necessarily out of reach. Indeed, we pass in and through the modern era. There is a great urge in the hearts of men to return to small town life, to reconnect to both community and land, and to restore the independence and vitality of the family and small business. Men dream of freedom. Politicians tap into this popular sentiment all the time, manipulating it on the level of images and rhetoric, masquarading themselves as ‘outsiders’ against Oil trusts or big multinational business, posing as ‘reformers’, promising clean sweeps of corruption and compromise in Washington DC. etc.

But Washington is too far, and our homes are much closer.

Our advice for the Presidential race is this: Don’t put the cart before the horse. Washington DC is truly a lost cause. New Populism is the future. Forget Washington DC. Prepare and cultivate in your own backyard. Reform begins and ends on the local level.

We can start new populist movements where we live. The goal is to form a county-wide organization. Begin with a cadre of expatriots (you can do a lot with even three convicted souls–“where two or three are gathered, I am with you”), jump on issues that concern propertied workers (say oil prices) and use the news media where possible for free publicity. Make yourself notorious where you live, and labor to transform your small cadre into an organization with structure (officers) and membership. Structure will get you through the long haul. But don’t go overboard, and don’t micromanage volunteers.

When you finally have a strong, core group, and a membership to boot, do the same in the next town or state district until you have chapters throughout your county. Then federate each district/town group into a county or regional assembly. Eventually you must build county or regional machines in order to educate and win local elections. All this is possible because this is what we’ve started in our County, and we’re in the midst of radical liberalism!

In the Bay Area we do not worry about the federal level anymore. We only pay attention to DC to know what cracks and fissures stand upon the horizon for us to wedge locally. Our eyes are set on what matters most–our county and backyard. A watchword: “If things are going well in the county, then things are doing well in general”. Our strength is our autonomy, and where we reach outward it is with respect and preservation of the autonomy of others.  

Let’s return our minds and cares to the provincial.


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